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Snooker International

Erfreuliche Nachrichten aus Albanien: Unser Clubmitglied Ebrahim Baghi hat sich am Donnerstag (8. 6.) für die Knock-out-Phase der EBSA Masters-Europameisterschaft 2017 qualifiziert! Auch das andere Team-Austria-Mitglied, Christian Hochmayer, schaffte den Aufstieg.

In der ersten Runde der KNOCK-OUT-PHASE spielt Ebi gegen Michael Judge aus Irland, und Christian gegen Kristján Helgason aus Island. Diese beiden Matches finden Freitag ab 10 Uhr statt (LIVESCORING).

In seinem letzten Gruppenspiel Donnerstag war Ebi viel zu stark für Sharon Mizrahi (Israel) und gewann klar 3:0. Vorher hatte sich Ebi dem überlegenen Gruppensieger Esa Kaikumaa (Finland) 0:3 geschlagen geben müssen, gegen Anthony Bonnar (Irland) konnte er aber nach 1:2-Rückstand noch mit 3:2 gewonnen. Somit wurde Ebi Zweiter in der GRUPPE M.

Alle ERGEBNISSE der Masters-EM-Gruppenphase sind auf abrufbar.

Die 15 Reds gratulieren Ebi zum Aufstieg, und wünschen ihm und Christian für die Knock-out-Phase viel Erfolg!

UPDATE Freitag (9. 6.): Leider haben Ebi (1:4 gegen Judge) und Christian (0:4 gegen Helgason) beide ihr Last-32-Match klar verloren. Mehr dazu auf AUSTRIANSNOOKER.AT.


Wie bereits angekündigt hat ORF SPORT+ Dienstagabend (23. 5.) einen 75-minütigen Beitrag zu den VIENNA SNOOKER OPEN 2017 gesendet. Im Beitrag stehen die Partien von Florian Nüßle gegen Clemens Kunkel (Last 32, mit unserem Clubmitglied Manfred Göllner als Referee) bzw. gegen David Grace (Viertelfinale) sowie das Endspiel zwischen Grace und Nigel Bond (mit Christian Fock als Referee) zentral. Auch gibt's Interviews mit Florian, David und Nigel.

Der Beitrag steht noch bis kommenden Dienstag (30. 5.) HIER in der online ORF TVthek zur Verfügung.


Wie auch in den vergangenen Jahren war der ORF dieses Wochenende mit einem Kamerateam bei den VIENNA SNOOKER OPEN 2017 anwesend. Die Aufnahmen werden jetzt zu einem einstündigen TV-Beitrag zusammen geschnitten.

Der Sendeplan für diesen VSO-Beitrag im ORF SPORT+ sieht wie folgt aus:

  • Di 23. Mai: 20.45 – 21.45 Uhr
  • Mi 24. Mai: 08.45 – 09.45
  • Do 25. Mai: 00.45 – 01.45 & 12.45 – 13.45
  • Fr 26. Mai: 03.45 – 04.45 & 16.45 – 17.45

Die Sendung wird üblicherweise nach der Erstausstrahlung auch für ca. eine Woche in der ORF TVthek zum online Schauen zur Verfügung stehen. Den Link dazu werden wir nach dem 23. 5. hier auf posten.


David Grace gewann Sonntagabend (7. 5.) das Finale der VIENNA SNOOKER OPEN 2017 gegen Nigel Bond 5:2, und wurde somit erstmals VSO-Turniersieger. Beide Spieler nahmen sich unmittelbar nach der Partie Zeit um sich mit zu unterhalten.

Hier ist das Interview mit DAVID GRACE.

...VSO 2017: Turniersieger David Grace kurz nach dem Finale...
[Foto © 2017 Clemens Kunkel]

Congratulations, David. A great win but being 2:0 down and needing a snooker in the third… What were your thoughts at that moment?

"Yeah, he stole a frame of me to go 2:0, and like he needed a snooker (in the second frame) I was lucky to get a snooker (in the third). Then everything changed around. I had all the run of the ball. And I played a little bit better and managed to win."

That third frame was crucial, right?

"I think so, definitely. At 3:0, and he was cueing well at that point as well, I think he would have won it from there."

As a pro, what is your mind set coming to tournaments like the VIENNA SNOOKER OPEN?

"It’s always pre-season, so it’s like a pre-season friendly. But obviously when we get playing, it’s very serious and everybody wants to win. It’s not as important as the ranking events but you come here and build up form and try to work towards the first ranking events."

What about the playing conditions? These are the kind of tables you probably learned to play snooker on as a kid but they are different from the tables on the Main Tour.

"Yeah, but they are actually really good tables. They have all been recovered and run really nice. And no matter what table you’re on or what conditions you’re in, it’s always good to have match practice. It’s better than just practising against someone for nothing. It’s always better to get match practice."

You played Austrian talent Florian Nüßle in the quarter-finals. What do you think of him?

"He is a fantastic talent. I have seen him a couple of years ago here and he was already good then. He’s got so much better already. He’s young, he’s only 15, he’s got a very, very good chance."

Can you compare him to talents of the same age in England?

"It’s difficult to compare. All he can do is the best he can be at his level. If he does well in the European and the world junior championships he will go from strength to strength."

You are not just an artist with a snooker cue, away from the table you are a pretty good painter, portraying other snooker players.

"Yeah, I am just not getting the time to do any at the moment because I am too busy with snooker. But that is a good problem to have."

Last month you made your debut at the world championship in the Crucible. How was that for you?

"It was fantastic. A nice way to end the season and it was a real confidence booster for next season. The way the rankings work, I have a lot of money coming off my rankings next year so I am going to be struggling to stay on the tour. Every match win, every point I can get, will go towards staying on the tour in the top 64. The first qualifiers are coming up in a few weeks so it’s really nice to go in there on a winning streak."

You’ve been at the VSO many times before, I think as the defending champion you must come back again next year.

"Absolutely! I only missed it last year because I got married the week before. I tried to sell it as a ‘snooker-honeymoon’ to my wife but she wasn’t happy with it, haha."

- Eric Willemsen


Nigel Bond verlor Sonntagabend (7. 5.) das Finale der VIENNA SNOOKER OPEN 2017 gegen David Grace 2:5, und wurde somit erneut Zweiter. Beide Spieler nahmen sich unmittelbar nach der Partie Zeit um sich mit zu unterhalten.

Hier ist das Interview mit NIGEL BOND.

...VSO 2017: David Grace und Nigel Bond kurz vor dem Finale...
[Foto © 2017 Clemens Kunkel]

Well done, Nigel. You came very close as you were basically one ball away from going 3:0 up. What happened?

"There were quite a few big turning points in the match. Obviously for me to get snookers, to win the second frame and go 2:0 up, that was a big frame for me to win. And then I looked like going 3:0 up, missed a long yellow. Probably if that yellow had gone in, that would have been 3:0. Dave came back and got the snooker, that obviously was a turning point for him, that got him a sort of foothold in the match. And then the sixth frame as well, it could have gone back to three-each but at 4:2 down I was with my back up against the wall, really. There was just a few little rubs and nudges and kisses here and there, that was the difference."

For a seasoned pro, how is it to play the VIENNA SNOOKER OPEN?

"It’s a great little tournament. The organization, from getting picked up at the airport to the hotels for sponsoring the event, the team are doing a fantastic job. I am always looking forward to coming back every year. There’s been some other professionals here so it’s tough to win. I lost in two finals now so maybe next time. Third time lucky?"

How do you look back on your season on the Main Tour?

"I had not reached a ranking semi-final for 14 years and then I got to the semi-final in India and I got to the semi-final in Gibraltar. But unfortunately, where I needed to pick up points in other tournaments I didn’t. I had a lot of first-round losses. I kept my place on the tour because of the one-year-list. That was a little bit disappointing. Because I didn’t finish in the top 64, I have to start with zero points next year but I have got a two-year card. So there will be 40, 50 events over the next two years and hopefully I’ll be able to take my chances in some of them and get back up there."

The professional tour has changed massively since Barry Hearn took over seven years ago. Back then you had to wait two months for the next tournament as there were only six tournament a year.

"It was no good. There were not enough tournaments and we were part-time professionals, really. Now the game has gone more global and we play the full 12 months now. So it’s a busy schedule."

Could you imagine seeing an Austrian player on the Main Tour?

"The young boy (Florian Nüßle, EW) did well here. And also, I played an Austrian player in the Last 32 (Philipp Koch, EW). He had chances to beat me, he played well, also. It would be good for Austria if a player did come through. That would give the game more profile over here. The interest is there."

For someone to make it on the tour, he has to move to England, right?

"All the qualifiers are in the UK and you need match practice against other good players. So yes, that is the way forward to any overseas player. But there are costs involved as well, of course."

Maybe we should stage the VSO every month so the pro’s would come over to Vienna more often..?

"Haha, that’s right. Let’s make it a ranking event!"

- Eric Willemsen

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